dog walking sheffield

Services & Prices

Here at Lee's Dog Walking & Pet Services, we believe daily walks for dogs are of upmost importance, but however we do understand that this is not always possible and therefore offer this fantastic service to help.

We walk our dogs on and around the beautiful country side around Sheffield and Derbyshire.

Dogs can be either walked in a group or individually. Your dog would need to be up to date with vaccinations and not display signs of aggression towards other dogs.

  • Group dog walking – £9 for 1 hour walk

    At Lee’s Dog Walking Service we bring highly socialised and friendly dogs together, so they can exercise and play whilst making lots of furry friends. You’ll find us most days walking together in the beautiful landscapes in & around Sheffield and having lots of fun playing fetch together. Your beloved dogs can play together, chase each other, run in miles of open landscape, meet other people’s dogs and swim if they can! But also, if they prefer the quieter life, we can take a gentle stroll whilst stopping for a few treats and cuddles.

  • Solo dog walking – £10 for 1 hour walk

    We understand that not all dogs want to be walked alongside other dogs and prefer some quality one to one time. If your dog doesn’t like being around other dogs or prefers to be walked on their own, we can take them for a brisk 1 hour solo walk. This enables your beloved furry friend to get some exercise along with individual attention & love.

  • Puppy walks – POA

    Our puppy walks are available for puppies up to 10 months old. Two walks a day, which includes one short walk and one large walk, enables your new, energetic and fun loving baby to explore safely, the new world around them. We can help them with vital socialisation by taking them walkies with other older dogs to ensure they become confident and comfortable around potential doggy friends at an early age.

  • Puppy Sitting – £6

    If you have a darling new addition to your family but have non-negotiable other commitments, our puppy sitting service is for you. Our puppy care visits include visiting your pup twice during the working day. This is available for puppies going through vital initial socialisation periods. Each visit lasts around 30 minutes and times can be arranged around your schedule if you contact us in advance. We will spend time with your pup, clean up any mess they may have made, take them for walkies and make sure they have ample time to play, love and demonstrate their unique personalities! If they are undergoing established puppy training we will also keep practicing commands with them.

  • Cat Sitting – Only £5 per visit!

    We understand that there are equally as many cat lovers as dog lovers out there. Cats like to do their own thing, they’re their own boss and they know where home is. With no interruption to their lives, just the continued routine that they are used to, we can offer the pet sitting service if you would prefer your cat can stay at home. Each visit includes feeding, refreshing of water and litter tray cleaning. Our tailored service means that you can choose how many visits we make so you and your cat can get the purr-fect service you want and deserve!

  • Dog Boarding – Coming soon

    It is the best thing in the world having your loyal and adored best friend at home with you night after night. Sometimes however, it is inevitable that you will have to be away from home you’re your beloved furbaby. This is why we provide a dog boarding service. Your dog will enjoy time away from you in a relaxed, loving home amongst dog lovers. Your dogs established routines can be maintained including their favourite food, toys, walks and home comforts. Your dog will receive plenty of cuddles and perhaps just a few extra treats than usual! You will be able to go away, safe in the knowledge that your best friend is staying in a safe and comfortable home filled with love. Upon your return your furry friend will be waiting for you clean, safe and ready for lots of love from their much loved owners. (Available for dog walking clients only.)